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2009 MSJ Takebe Prizes

The 2009 MSJ Takebe Katahiro Prizes are awarded to the following members of MSJ.

MSJ Takebe Katahiro Prise

Fushima Ryuki (Kyoto University, JSPS PD)
Analysis for Brownian motion in random obstacles
Shimomura Akihiro (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Associate Professor)
Scattering problem for nonlinear dispersive equations
Iritani Hiroshi (Kyushu University, Assistant Professor)
Research on Gromov-Witten invariants

MSJ Takebe Katahiro Prize for Encouragement of Young Researchers

Sawano Yoshihiro (Gakushuin University, Assistant Professor)
Study of function spaces by real variable methods
Sasaki Hironobu (Chiba University, Assistant Professor)
Research on the inverse scattering problem for nonlinear dispersive equations with potentials
Yasui Kouichi (RIMS, Kyoto University, GCOE Program-Specific Research Fellow)
On handle decompositions of 4-manifolds
Kishimoto Nobu (Kyoto University, Doctor Student)
Unique solvability of nonlinear dispersive equations and function spaces
Miura Hideyuki (Osaka University, Assistant Professor)
Mathematical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations in fluid mechanics
Tanaka Kokoro (Tokyo Gakugei University, Lecturer)
Studies on surface-knots and surface braids

The detail of the Prize is online.