Overview of The Mathematical Society of Japan

General Incorporated Association / The Mathematical Society of Japan
34-8, Taito 1-chome Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0016, Japan
Tel 03-3835-3483
(Since it is the secretariat, we do not accept specialized inquiries about mathematics.)
The purpose is to promote the study of mathematics, promote its dissemination, and contribute to the improvement and development of academic culture in cooperation with related departments.
(1) Holding academic meetings
(2) Publication of academic journals and books
(3) Collection and maintenance of books and magazines related to mathematics
(4) Encouragement of mathematics research and recognition of achievements related to mathematics
(5) Training of mathematics researchers
(6) Exchange of mathematical research and dissemination of mathematical research results
(7) Development of mathematical infrastructure in society
(8) Surveys and research for the development and dissemination of mathematics
(9) Contact and cooperation with related academic societies and organizations in Japan and overseas
(10) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation