Publications of MSJ


Publications of MSJ


Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan
The Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan was founded in 1948 and is published quarterly by the Mathematical Society of Japan. It covers a wide range of pure mathematics. Research articles in the journal are selected by the editorial board with the aid of distinguished international referees and according to high standards. As a leading journal in Japan, it is indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) and covered by Mathematical Review and Zentralblatt für Mathematik. Its electronic version is available at Project Euclid and J-STAGE. Starting from 2010, the JMSJ Outstanding Paper Prize is annually awarded to the authors of most outstanding articles published in JMSJ.

Japanese Journal of Mathematics
Founded in 1924, Japanese Journal of Mathematics (JJM) is the oldest continuously published mathematical journal in Japan. The Mathematical Society of Japan relaunched its third series in 2006, and has been publishing research survey articles of the highest quality maintained by peer-review process. The electronic edition has also started in 2006. The logo of JJM was designed also in 2006. It represents Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan) by the letters J, J, and M. JJM is indexed and abstracted in Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Science Citation Index Expanded, Zentralblatt Math, Mathematical Reviews, and MathDi. JJM is the official journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan. It is published twice a year in cooperation with Springer.

Sugaku is a Japanese quarterly journal published since April 1947. Most of the articles are written by the members of MSJ. It publishes survey articles, book survey, mathematical letters, news from the Society and information about mathematical activities in Japan. The members of MSJ obtain free subscription to Sugaku. It is also sold at bookstores. The survey articles are intended to non-experts and most of them are translated into English and published in "Sugaku Expositions" by the American Mathematical Society.

Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (ASPM) is edited and published by MSJ since 1983 and it publishes proceedings of major conferences held in Japan such as The Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute. It includes proceedings of survey lectures by founders of theories and is a useful reference for experts as well as for the beginners and non-experts. Outside Japan ASPM is handled by The American Mathematical Society and World Scientific Publishing. As of 2012, 63 volumes have been published.

MSJ Memoirs
The Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) is currently issuing two series of Memoirs. The first is the international MSJ Memoirs series and the second the domestic Sugaku Memoirs series in Japanese. The MSJ Memoirs series publishes treatises and lecture notes intended as advanced graduate textbooks, as well as long research articles on various specified topics. Sugaku Memoirs are accessible monographs which introduce new trends of mathematical sciences to Japanese graduate students and young researchers. Each series covers both pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Outside Japan, the MSJ Memoirs are exclusively distributed by World Scientific Publishing.

Sugaku Tushin
Sugaku Tushin is a Japanese magazine published since 1996 for exchanging information among the MSJ members. It publishes information such as open positions, research funds, lectures and conferences, book reviews, and news and announcement from the Society, branches of the Society, or from departments of mathematics of universities in Japan. The programs of the Spring and Autumn meetings are published in Sugaku Tushin.

Publications of MSJ