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MSJ- Seasonal Institute (MSJ-SI)

In 2006, MSJ has reformed and expanded the scope of MSJ-IRI, which had been held annually since 1993, and developed a new series of workshops: MSJ-Seasonal Institutes. The first MSJ-SI workshop was held in July, 2008. Each year, the topic of the workshop is chosen by MSJ and leading mathematicians from all over the world are invited accordingly. We especially emphasize the importance of interaction with Asian mathematicians and invite promising young Asian students.

The scientific committee of MSJ is responsible for MSJ-SI. For more information, visit the website of the committee.

The 12th MSJ-SI "Stochastic Analysis, Random Fields and Integrable Probability"

The 12th MSJ-SJ was held during the period July 31--August 9, 2019 at Kyushu University.

12th MSJ-SI

The 11th MSJ-SI "The Role of Metrics in the Theory of Partial Differential Equations"

The 11th MSJ-SI was held during the period July 2--13, 2018, at Hokkaido University.

11th MSJ-SI

The 10th MSJ-SI "Iwasawa 2017"

The 10th MSJ-SI was held during the period July 19--28, 2017, at Univ. of Tokyo.

10th MSJ-SI

The 9th MSJ-SI "Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics"

The 9th MSJ-SI was held during the period August 1--12, 2016, at Tohoku University.

9th MSJ-SI

The 8th MSJ-SI "Current Trends on Gröbner Bases ---The 50th Anniversary of Gröbner Bases---"

The 8th MSJ-SI was held during the period July 1--10, 2015, at Hotel Nikko Osaka.

8th MSJ-SI

The 7th MSJ-SI "Hyperbolic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory"

The 7th MSJ-SI was held during the period July 30--August 5, 2014, at Univ. of Tokyo.

7th MSJ-SI

The 6rg MSJ-SI "Development of Moduli Theory"

The 6th MSJ-SI was held during the period June 11-14, June 17-21, 2013, at RIMS, Kyoto Univ.

6th MSJ-SI

The 5th MSJ-SI "Schubert calculus"

The 5th MSJ-SI was held during the period July 17-27, 2012 at Okasa City University.

5th MSJ-SI

The 4th MSJ-SI "Nonlinear Dynamics in Partial Differential Equations"(Kyushu Univ., September 12-21, 2011)


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4th MSJ-SI

The 3rd MSJ-SI "Development of Galois-Teichmüller Theory and Anabelian Geometry"(Kyoto Univ., October 25-30, 2010)


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3rd MSJ-SI

The 2nd MSJ-SI "Arrangements of Hyperplanes" (Hokkaido Univ., August 1-13, 2009)


2nd MSJ-SI

The 1st MSJ-SI "Probabilistic Approach to Geometry"(Kyoto University, July 28-August 8, 2008)

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Shigeki Aida

Terry J. Lyons

Cédric Villani

Laurent Saloff-Coste

Yann Olliver

1st MSJ-SI