`4-lines problem' on Kobe tower

MSJ-SI 2012 Schubert calculus

The 5th Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute, 2012
International summer school and conference on Schubert calculus

Summer school: July 17- 20, 2012
Research conference: July 23-27, 2012
Osaka City University
Media center (Library) 10th Floor
The focus of this conference is on Schubert calculus and its many connections and applications to related areas of mathematics, such as geometric representation theory, combinatorial aspects of algebraic varieties arising in Lie theory, and equivariant topology. One of our primary aims is to inspire cross-disciplinary discussion and to invite mathematicians to explore the field of Schubert calculus. The first week of the meeting is an introductory summer school aimed at a broad mathematical audience, including graduate students and recent Ph.D.s. The second week is an international research conference on Schubert calculus and related areas.


Supporting institutions

The Sponsors
   MSJ    OCU
This conference is supported in part by
   NSF    GCOE    JSPS    MI

Organizing Committee

Please contact at kaji+icscorg _at_ for the inquiry about the conference in general.
Megumi Harada
McMaster University
Takeshi Ikeda
Okayama University of Science
Shizuo Kaji
Yamaguchi University
Toshiaki Maeno
Meijo University
Mikiya Masuda
Osaka City University
Hiroshi Naruse (Chair)
Okayama University
Toru Ohmoto
Hokkaido University
Norio Iwase
Kyushu University

Scientific Committee

Please contact at kaji+icsc _at_ for the inquiry concerning scientific matters.
Masaharu Kaneda
Osaka City University
Masaki Kashiwara
Toshiyuki Tanisaki
Osaka City University
Julianna Tymoczko
Smith College

Local Organizer

Shintaro Kuroki
Osaka City University
Hiroaki Ishida
Osaka City University
Yukiko Fukukawa
Osaka City University