MSJ Publication Prize

Publication Prize

This prize was established in 2004, and is awarded to individuals and
organizations or groups who have made significant and noteworthy
contributions to the research, education and popularization of
mathematics through writings and publications.

● 2006 Prize Winner (from the left hand side)
"Sugaku Seminar" by Nippon-Hyoron-sha Co., Ltd.
Fu Narumi
"Linear Algebra" by Ichiro SATAKE
"Introduction to Linear Algebra" by Masahiko SAITO
"Suri Kagaku" by Saiensu-sha Co., Ltd. Publishers
Mitsumasa ANNO

● 2007 Prize Winners (from the left hadn side)
Kaoru AOKI
Hideo ARAI
"Foundations of Differential Geometry,I,II"
by Shoshichi KOBAYASHI and Katsumi NOMIZU
"Oka Kiyoshi Collection" at Nara Women University
Hiroaki NOZAKI

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