MSJ Spring Meeting 2018

MSJ Spring Meeting 2018 at The University of Tokyo


Venue: The University of Tokyo
Dates: March 18--21, 2018
Chair of Organizing Committee: Takashi TSUBOI
Chair of Executive Committee: Toshitake KOHNO

MSJ Spring Meeting 2018 at The University of Tokyo


Application of Talks and Submission of Abstracts

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Open Lectures for Citizens

Sponsored by:
The Mathematical Society of Japan
Co-sponsored by:
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
March 17th (Sat) 14:00--16:30
The University of Tokyo, Lecture Theater
Campus Map
Opening Speech:
Hideo Kozono (President of MSJ / Waseda Univ.)
Lecture 1:
Hitoshi Arai (Univ. of Tokyo)
Mathematics for exploring human visual perception and its applications ---Harmonic analysis, visual illusions, image processing and art---
Lecture 2:
Sadayoshi Kojima (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Thurston's 3-manifold theory