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MSJ Spring Meeting 2013
Venue: Yoshida-South Campus, Kyoto University
Dates: March 20-23, 2013


Final Version of Program

Feb 07, 2013

The MSJ has opend the final version of program.

Tentative Program with correction

Feb 01, 2013

The MSJ has corrected a few errors of the program of tentative version. The corrected errors include information about award lectures and title of an invited talk in Algebra research section.

Tentative Program

Feb 01, 2013

The MSJ would like to open a tentative version of program for MSJ Spring Meeting 2013 so that particpants can arrange their travel to Kyoto earlier. The program is almost fixed, but may be slightly modified in case that it is necessary for operational reasons. The participants are kindly asked to download the final version of the program, which will appear around February 8.