MSJ Spring Meeting 2023

MSJ Spring Meeting 2023 at Chuo University


Venue: Chuo University
Dates: March 15--18, 2023
Chair of Organizing Committee: Yoshihiko MITSUMATSU
Chair of Executive Committee: Kanetomo SATO

MSJ Spring Meeting 2023 at Chuo University


Application of Talks and Submission of Abstracts

  • Give a talk at MSJ Meeting (October 28--November 18, 2022)

Open Lectures for Citizens

Sponsored by:
  The Mathematical Society of Japan
Co-sponsored by:
  Chuo University
  March 18th (Sat) 14:15--16:45
  Room No. 5534, Building No. 5, Chuo University
  Opening Speech:
    Senjou Shimizu (President of MSJ / Kyoto Univ.) (14:15--14:20)
  Lecture 1:
    Toshio Oshima (Josai Univ.)
    Japanese Theorem and Catalan Number (14:25--15:25)
  Lecture 2:
    Tomoki Kawahira (Hitotsubashi Univ.)
    Fractals and Stability of Dynamical Systems (15:45--16:45)
Registration for participation
Visit the following link to register. Japanese)