Policy Statements

About the establishment of “Diversity and Inclsusion Policy”

The Mathematical Society of Japan has formulated a policy of diversity and inclusion. Respect for diversity and the promotion of inclusion are important factors for enabling mathematicians to develop their talents and for the advancement of mathematical research.
As the aims of the Mathematical Society of Japan are the promotion of the study of mathematics and the flourishing of its academic culture, we formulated this policy and we adhere to it.

May 21, 2022


The Mathematical Society of Japan respects and promotes diversity through the study of mathematics. Mathematics is an essential aspect of developing societies and human intelligence. We respect diversity so mathematicians under various circumstances can successfully demonstrate their abilities and facilitate their studies. This allows mathematical research not to be constrained by stereotypes and allows free thinking.

We strive to treat each other fairly regardless of age, gender, gender identity or expression, affiliation, origin, race, nationality, religion, health condition or disability so that we do not exhibit inappropriate behaviors. We reject discrimination and harassment, and act based only on professional ethics. We create fair, diverse, ethical environments and respect each other as equals.