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Please submit your manuscript to the Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan (JMSJ) as a pdf file here: Submission page
If you have difficulty in proceeding, please send an email to

Please note that our journal has the following general policies:
-- A paper of more than 50 pages must meet a higher standard than the usual one.
-- A paper consecutively submitted by the same author must meet a higher standard than the usual one.

Editorial correspondence :
Editorial correspondence should be sent to the following:

JMSJ Editorial Committee
Mathematical Society of Japan
Taito 1-34-8, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016, Japan
Fax : 81-3-3835-3485
e-mail :

Preparation of manuscripts :
Manuscripts for publication must be written in English, French or German with an English abstract. We welcome manuscripts written in TeX, LaTeX or AMS-TeX, preferably in LaTeX2e. The LaTeX2e class file for JMSJ is available here. If the title is long, a shortened version of the title (no more than 60 characters, including spaces) should be given as a running head. JMSJ requests that all papers include a short and informative Abstract, Key Words and Phrases, and the 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification Numbers (2020MSC) representing primary and secondary subjects of the article. For example:

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 17B35; Secondary 22E46, 16S32.
Key Words and Phrases. harmonics, Capelli identity, invariant theory.

Manuscripts containing colored figures will be published in grayscale in principle. Their electronic version could remain in the original color.

Please see below for more information: Submission guidelines.

Proofs :
Each corresponding author receives only one set of proofs for corrections. Excessive alternations will be charged to the author.

Copyright :
Authors of papers which have been accepted for publication will be asked to sign a copyright agreement.

Offprints :
Authors receive gratis 100 offprints of their article. Additional offprints can be purchased in lots of 50, provided the order form is received with the corrected proofs.

Copyright © the Mathematical Society of Japan. All rights reserved.