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Vol. 76, No. 3 (July, 2024)

H.Masai Compactification and distance on Teichmüller space via renormalized volume
L.Wang Periodic points and arithmetic degrees of certain rational self-maps
S.Ichiki A refined transversality theorem on linear perturbations and its applications
E.Graff On braids and links up to link-homotopy
T.Fuller Branched covers and pencils on hyperelliptic Lefschetz fibrations
K.Tanabe The irreducible weak modules for the fixed point subalgebra of the vertex algebra associated toa non-degenerate even lattice by an automorphism of order 2 (Part 2)
D.Burns; M.Kurihara; T.Sano On derivatives of Kato's Euler system for elliptic curves
Y.Takeuchi Quenched invariance principle for a reflecting diffusion in a continuum percolation cluster
O.Celikbas; U.Le; H.Matsui; A.Sadeghi Remarks on a conjecture of Huneke and Wiegand and the vanishing of (co)homology
S.Negami Another approach to Planar Cover Conjecture focusing on rotation systems

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