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Vol. 75, No. 4 (October, 2023)

D.Leturcq Generalized Bott–Cattaneo–Rossi invariants in terms of Alexander polynomials 1119−1176
M.Hirose; H.Murahara; S.Saito Ohno relation for regularized multiple zeta values 1177−1193
D.Festi; D.C.Veniani Counting elliptic fibrations on K3 surfaces 1195−1225
M.Oka On μ-Zariski pairs of links 1227−1259
X.Qin Bridgeland stability of minimal instanton bundles on Fano threefolds 1231−1255
T.Katsura; S.Kondō Coble surfaces in characteristic two 1257−1307
H.Atobe; M.Chida; T.Ibukiyama; H.Katsurada; T.Yamauchi Harder's conjecture I 1309−1378
A.Batal; N.Gügümcü k-color region select game 1379−1399
T.Shibuya; T.Tsukamoto; Y.Uchida; T.Ishikawa Characterizations of pretzel knots which are simple-ribbon 1401−1417

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