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Vol. 75, No. 2 (April, 2023)
T.Hattori Singular matrices and geometry at infinity of products of symmetric spaces 367−415
M.Enokizono Upper bounds on the slope of certain fibered surfaces 417−467
L.D.Abreu; P.Balazs; S.Jakšić The affine ensemble: determinantal point processes associated with the ax+b group 469−483
Y.Bruned; D.Manchon Algebraic deformation for (S)PDEs 485−526
D.Kim; P.Kim; K.Kuwae Stability of estimates for fundamental solutions under Feynman–Kac perturbations for symmetric Markov processes 527−572
J.Cunanan; S.Shiraki Some sharp null-form type estimates for the Klein–Gordon equation 573−601
M.Sobajima On global existence for semilinear wave equations with space-dependent critical damping 603−627
M.Craizer; R.Garcia Singularities of generic line congruences 629−653
L.Yang; Y.Wang; P.E.Kloeden Robustness of exponential attractors for infinite dimensional dynamical systems with small delay and application to 2D nonlocal diffusion delay lattice systems 655−677
J.F.Fernando; C.Ueno On polynomial images of a closed ball 679−733
Y.Ozeki Torsion of algebraic groups and iterate extensions associated with Lubin–Tate formal groups 735−759

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