MSJ Publication Prize

The 2007 MSJ Publication Prize

The 2007 MSJ Publication Prize is awarded to the following:

Kaoru Aoki
Kaoru Aoki has contributed to making mathematics more readily available to the public by translating into Japanese interesting books such as "Fermat's Last Theorem" by Simon Singh and "Kepler's Conjecture" by George G. Szpiro.
Hideo Arai
Hideo Arai has greatly contributed to the development of mathematics in Japan. He has been working for the mathematics branch of the publisher Iwanami Shoten over a long period of time. He has been involved in planning, editing, and publishing a number of leading mathematical books which range from primers to treatises, including "Iwanami-Koza Kiso-Sugaku".
"Foundation of Differential Geometry" by Shoshichi Kobayashi and Katsumi Nomizu
These volumes are mathematical classics written by Japanese mathematicians. They have drastically changed the idea of differential geometry by putting the concept of "connection" at the core of the theory. They have had significant impact, not just on pure mathematics, but also on various other fields, such as theoretical physics.
The Oka-Kiyoshi electronic library based at the Library of Nara Women's University
The Oka-Kiyoshi electronic library makes public a variety of works by the Japanese mathematician Kiyoshi Oka. These include published papers, articles, diaries, and original handwritten notes. All of them are stored electronically and paint a picture of his life as well as his interesting studies. The excellent display attracts many people to the website.
Akihiro Nozaki
Akihiro Nozaki's books are full of humor and clear writing which fascinate a wide range of readers, including mathematicians. His books for children, such as "Red Hats" and "A Story of π", are so enlightening and outstanding that adults also enjoy them.