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KAWARABAYASHI, Ken-ichi won the 9th Japan Academy Medal

Dr. KAWARABAYASHI, Ken-ichi, a professor at the National Institute of Informatics, was awarded the 9th Japan Academy Medal for his outstanding contributions to 'Application of Advanced Graph Theory to Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science'. In order to honor and encourage promising young researchers, the Japan Academy annually confers the medal on five to six scholars selected out of the JSPS Prize recipients.

Dr. Kawarabayashi solved many important unsolved conjectures in discrete mathematics by developping graph minor theory. Specifically he made a milestone contribution in the Hadwiger Conjecture, a generalization of the four color map conjecture. He applied graph minor theory to computer sciences and succeeded in designing various high speed algorithms.

In prior, Dr. Kawarabayashi was awarded the 2001 MSJ Takebe Prize for junior researchers.