Applied Mathematics Prize

The 2023 Applied Mathematics Prize

The Applied Mathematics Prize was established in April 2022 to honor researchers who have made outstanding achievements in applied mathematics and to promote the exchange and development of the entire field.
The Prize for Excellent Young Applied Mathematicians, established in September 2013, has been incorporated into the Applied Mathematics Prize and will continue to be awarded to those of age below 35 who have obtained outstanding results in the field of Applied Mathematics.

The 2023 prizes were awarded to the following researchers.

The Applied Mathematics Prize

Mikio Kano (Professor Emeritus, Ibaraki University)
Study of factor theory in graphs and discrete geometry

The Prize for Excellent Young Applied Mathematicians

Masaki Kashima (Doctoral student, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University)
New invariants for partitioning a graph into 2-connected subgraphs
Shun-ichi Maezawa (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science Division II, Department of Mathematics, Tokyo University of Science)
Forbidden immersion condition for graphs to be 7-colorable
Yuuki Shimizu (JSPS Research Fellow (PD), Graduate School of Mathematical Science, The University of Tokyo)
Numerical analysis of the Plateau problem by the method of fundamental solutions
Toshiaki Yachimura (Assistant Professor, Mathematical Science Center for Co-creative Society, Tohoku University)
Single-cell trajectory inference framework by optimal transport theory