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Takagi Lectures

The Takagi Lectures are the first series of lectures in mathematics to be crowned with a Japanese mathematician's name.

The Mathematical Society of Japan inaugurated the Takagi Lectures as research survey lectures at the highest level by the finest contemporary mathematicians. The lectures are intended for a wide range of mathematicians, and are to be held twice a year. The first Takagi Lectures took place in November 2006 at RIMS, Kyoto, with the distinguished lecturers, S. Bloch, P.-L. Lions, S. Smale and C. Voisin.

Prof. P. Malliavin
at the 3rd Takagi Lectures

The lecture notes of the Takagi Lectures are to be published by the Japanese Journal of Mathematics, the oldest continuously published mathematical journal in Japan (founded in 1924). The videos of the lectures are available on the Internet.

Prof. S. Smale
at the 1st Takagi lecutes

at the 1st Takagi lecutes The lectures have been named in honor of Professor Teiji Takagi (1875-1960), the creator of Class Field Theory and the father of modern mathematical research in Japan.

The Takagi Lectures are partially supported by the surplus from the International Congress of Mathematicians, which was held in Kyoto in 1990.

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Prof. M. Kontsevitch
at the 6th Takagi Lectures