MSJ Spring and Autumn Prizes


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MSJ Spring and Autumn Prizes

The Spring Prize and the Autumn Prize of the Society are the most prestigious prizes awarded by the MSJ to its members. The Spring Prize is awarded to those of age below 40 who have obtained outstanding mathematical results, while the Autumn Prize is awarded without age restriction to people who have made exceptional contributions in their fields of research. The Spring Prize was created in 1973 as the MSJ Iyanaga Prize by the fund donated by the late Professor Shokichi Iyanaga. The Autumn Prize was established in 1987 when additional funds were donated by the family of the late Professor Yasuo Akizuki and others. Donations from the families of the late Professors Toshifusa Kimura, Hideyuki Matsumura, Shigeki Maruyama, Toshio Kato and others have been added to the fund since then.

● 2007 Autumn Prize Winner
Tadahisa FUNAKI
Stochastic analysis on large-scale interacting systems

●2008 Spring Prize Winner
Global theory of nonlinear dispersive

●2008 Spring Prize Winner
Masanao OZAWA
Mathematical foundations of quantum

●2009 Spring Prize Winner
Narutaka OZAWA
Discrete group and operator algebra

List of Spring and Autumn Prizes Winners (in Japanese)