Social Activities

Lectures for Citizens

Since 1989, the MSJ has been sponsoring Lectures for Citizens at the occasions of the spring and autumn meetings of the society for the benefits of interested local residents of the meeting sites. The lectures are given by leading specialists in various areas of mathematics to share with wide range of non-professional audience the sense of pleasure one gets in doing mathematics.

Mr. Fu Narumi

Lectures for Citizens (in Japanese)

Fujioka Mathematics Class for Fun

This is an annual lecture series organized jointly by the MSJ and Fujioka City in Gumma prefecture for junior high school students of the city, where Takakazu Seki was said to be born. This lecture series was started in 1996 by the request of Fujioka City.

11th Fujioka Mathemaitcs Class
at Ono Junior High School

Prof. Sadayoshi Kojima

Fujioka Mathematics Class for Fun(in Japanese)

Introductory Seminar on Modern Mathematics for Citizens

This is a seminar held annually at Shonan International Village in Zushi City, Kanagawa prefecture and is intended to introduce various topics in the forefront of the modern mathematics to interested local residents. Lectures given by leading specialists explain what is happening in research in various fields and offer the participants a glimpse into mysterious world of the mathematics of the future.

Seminar in the year 2007

Introductory Seminar on Modern Mathematics for Citizens (in Japanease)

Lectures on Request to precollege students and pupils

Since 2004, the MSJ is sending members of the Society to elementary, junior and senior high schools within Japan, on request from the school, to give lectures to pre-college students of all levels in order to show them the pleasure of doing mathematics. Requests for lecturers are received at the office of the MSJ.

Lectures on Request (in Japanese)

Yatsugadake Freshmen Seminar

The MSJ organizes annually a small-group seminar for freshmen, sophomores and juniors majoring in mathematics or mathematics-related subjects in college. This is intended to acquaint students with college-level mathematics and teach them how to study mathematics on this level through small-group seminars, and to give them opportunities to get acquainted with mathematical researchers, graduate students and other undergraduate math. majors while they stay at the seminar site to spend a few days together.

Yatsugadake Freshmen Seminar

Shonan mathematics seminar

This is a seminar given annually for high school students. The seminar is held at Shonan International Village in Zushi City. Prominent professors are invited to give talks on the essence of modern mathematical development in different areas in order to show the younger generation the pleasure and joy of doing kind of mathematics which are not usually covered in high school mathematical curriculum.

Shonan Mathematics Seminar