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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • Geography of symplectic 4-manifolds admitting Lefschetz fibrations and their indecomposability
  • A.Akhmedov; N.Monden 1/30/2022 View PDF
  • Diagram-free approach for convergence of trees based model in regularity structures
  • Y.Bruned; U.Nadeem 4/6/2023 View PDF
  • Remarks on a conjecture of Huneke and Wiegand and the vanishing of (co)homology
  • O.Celikbas; U.Le; H.Matsui; A.Sadeghi 1/12/2023 View PDF
  • On generalized minimal log discrepancy
  • W.Chen; Y.Gongyo; Y.Nakamura 8/19/2022 View PDF
  • Parabolic BGG categories and their block decomposition for Lie superalgebras of Cartan type
  • F.-F.Duan; B.Shu; Y.-F.Yao 10/25/2022 View PDF
  • Stochastic differential equations for infinite particle systems of jump type with long range interactions
  • S.Esaki; H.Tanemura 9/28/2022 View PDF
  • A topological decomposition of Busemann space
  • T.Fukaya 9/28/2022 View PDF
  • Branched covers and pencils on hyperelliptic Lefschetz fibrations
  • T.Fuller 12/23/2022 View PDF
  • Sharp LpLq,∞ estimates for the Hilbert transform
  • T.Gałązka; A.Osękowski 6/11/2022 View PDF
  • On braids and links up to link-homotopy
  • E.Graff 11/30/2022 View PDF
  • On the Fourier coefficients of Siegel Eisenstein series of degree 3 of an odd prime level with the quadratic character
  • K.Gunji 8/7/2022 View PDF
  • Primes of the form X3+NY3 and a family of non-singular plane curves which violate the local-global principle
  • Y.Hirakawa 10/3/2022 View PDF
  • Inversion formula for the hypergeometric Fourier transform associated with a root system of type BC
  • T.Honda; H.Oda; N.Shimeno 6/5/2022 View PDF
  • Essential holonomy of Cantor actions
  • S.E.Hurder; O.Lukina 6/7/2023 View PDF
  • A refined transversality theorem on linear perturbations and its applications
  • S.Ichiki 11/26/2022 View PDF
  • Strong cohomological rigidity of Hirzebruch surface bundles in Bott towers
  • H.Ishida 6/17/2022 View PDF
  • High-dimensional ellipsoids converge to Gaussian spaces
  • D.Kazukawa; T.Shioya 10/17/2022 View PDF
  • Long time dynamics of stochastic fractionally dissipative quasi-geostrophic equations with stochastic damping
  • T.Liang; Y.Wang 11/2/2022 View PDF
  • Simple Hurwitz groups and eta invariant
  • T.Morifuji 9/5/2022 View PDF
  • Construction of one-fixed-point actions on spheres of nonsolvable groups II
  • M.Morimoto 4/30/2023 View PDF
  • An interpolation of the generalized duality formula for the Schur multiple zeta values to complex functions
  • M.Nakasuji; Y.Ohno; W.Takeda 1/30/2023 View PDF
  • Another approach to Planar Cover Conjecture focusing on rotation systems
  • S.Negami 1/19/2023 View PDF
  • Obstructions to deforming maps from curves to surfaces
  • T.Nishinou 6/4/2022 View PDF
  • Analytic Ax–Schanuel for semi-abelian varieties and Nevanlinna theory
  • J.Noguchi 6/1/2022 View PDF
  • Maximal L1-regularity and free boundary problems for the incompressible Navier–Stokes equations in critical spaces
  • T.Ogawa; S.Shimizu 11/6/2022 View PDF
  • Frobenius method for Mahler equations
  • J.Roques 9/26/2022 View PDF
  • Density results on hyperharmonic integers
  • D.C.Sertbaç 8/23/2023 View PDF
  • Quenched invariance principle for a reflecting diffusion in a continuum percolation cluster
  • Y.Takeuchi 1/8/2023 View PDF
  • Tableau formulas for skew Grothendieck polynomials
  • H.Tamvakis 7/13/2022 View PDF
  • The irreducible weak modules for the fixed point subalgebra of the vertex algebra associated toa non-degenerate even lattice by an automorphism of order 2 (Part 2)
  • K.Tanabe 12/30/2022 View PDF
  • Periodic points and arithmetic degrees of certain rational self-maps
  • L.Wang 11/19/2022 View PDF
  • JSJ decomposition for handlebody-knots
  • Y.-S.Wang 1/30/2023 View PDF
  • Generalized Dedekind's theorem and its application to integer group determinants
  • N.Yamaguchi; Y.Yamaguchi 3/22/2023 View PDF
  • The complex ball-quotient structure of the moduli space of certain sextic curves
  • Z.Zheng;Y.Zhong 6/3/2022 View PDF

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