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Articles in Press

Papers below that will be published according to the received dates of their accepted version (day/month/yr), are listed in alphabetical order by first named author. The PDF files below do not reflect the final published format.

  • Regularity of ends of zero mean curvature surfaces in \mathbf{R}2,1
  • N.Ando; K.Hamada; K.Hashimoto; S.Kato 6/11/2020 View PDF
  • Calabi–Yau structure and Bargmann type transformation on the Cayley projective plane
  • K.Baba; K.Furutani 3/9/2021 View PDF
  • The group of self-homotopy equivalences of a rational space cannot be a free abelian group
  • M.Benkhalifa 6/18/2021 View PDF
  • The S3w Sasaki join construction
  • C.P.Boyer; C.Tønnesen-Friedman 12/5/2019 View PDF
  • Algebraic deformation for (S)PDEs
  • Y.Bruned; D.Manchon 9/29/2021 View PDF
  • \mathcal{I}-curvatures in higher dimensions and the Hirachi conjecture
  • J.S.Case; Y.Takeuchi 8/25/2021 View PDF
  • On the sheaf-theoretic SL(2, \mathbb{C}) Casson–Lin invariant
  • L.Côté; I.Neithalath 5/15/2020 View PDF
  • Some sharp null-form type estimates for the Klein–Gordon equation
  • J.Cunanan; S.Shiraki 2/15/2021 View PDF
  • Lines in supersingular quartics
  • A.Degtyarev 1/14/2019 View PDF
  • Upper bounds on the slope of certain fibered surfaces
  • M.Enokizono 1/21/2021 View PDF
  • Cm semialgebraic sections over the plane
  • C.Fefferman; G.K.Luli 1/16/2021 View PDF
  • On polynomial images of a closed ball
  • J.F.Fernando; C.Ueno 11/23/2021 View PDF
  • Counting elliptic fibrations on K3 surfaces
  • D.Festi; D.C.Veniani 10/11/2021 View PDF
  • Global solutions to the dissipative quasi-geostrophic equation with dispersive forcing
  • M.Fujii 6/16/2021 View PDF
  • On quasi-log schemes
  • O.Fujino 7/18/2021 View PDF
  • Regular points of extremal subsets in Alexandrov spaces
  • T.Fujioka 3/7/2020 View PDF
  • Trivializing group actions on braided crossed tensor categories and graded braided tensor categories
  • C.Galindo 10/5/2020 View PDF
  • An optimal support function related to the strong openness conjecture
  • Q.A.Guan; Z.Yuan 5/17/2021 View PDF
  • Note on bi-exactness for creation operators on Fock spaces
  • K.Hasegawa; Y.Isono; T.Kanda 2/3/2021 View PDF
  • Links, bridge number, and width trees
  • Q.He; S.A.Taylor 1/4/2021 View PDF
  • On 3-2-1 values of finite multiple harmonic q-series at roots of unity
  • K.Hessami Pilehrood; T.Hessami Pilehrood; R.Tauraso 1/14/2021 View PDF
  • On the class groups of certain imaginary cyclic fields of 2-power degree
  • H.Ichimura; H.Sumida-Takahashi 2/3/2021 View PDF
  • Rigid fibers of integrable systems on cotangent bundles
  • M.Kawasaki; R.Orita 2/11/2020 View PDF
  • Automorphism groups over a hyperimaginary
  • B.Kim; H.Lee 6/15/2021 View PDF
  • Stability of estimates for fundamental solutions under Feynman–Kac perturbations for symmetric Markov processes
  • D.Kim; P.Kim; K.Kuwae 10/1/2021 View PDF
  • Systolic inequalities, Ginzburg dg algebras and Milnor fibers
  • J.Kim 10/22/2020 View PDF
  • Lissajous 3-braids
  • E.Kin; H.Nakamura; H.Ogawa 3/12/2021 View PDF
  • The homotopy type of spaces of real resultants with bounded multiplicity
  • A.Kozlowski; K.Yamaguchi 2/16/2018 View PDF
  • Comparison geometry of manifolds with boundary under lower N-weighted Ricci curvature bounds with ε-range
  • K.Kuwae; Y.Sakurai 7/5/2021 View PDF
  • Classification of outer actions of discrete amenable groupoids on injective factors
  • T.Masuda 2/1/2021 View PDF
  • Localization formulas of cohomology intersection numbers
  • S.-J.Matsubara-Heo 8/27/2021 View PDF
  • Canonical coverings of Enriques surfaces in characteristic 2
  • Y.Matsumoto 1/31/2021 View PDF
  • Covering monotonicity of the limit shapes of first passage percolation on crystal lattices
  • T.Mikami 8/31/2021 View PDF
  • A system of unstable higher Toda brackets
  • H.Ōshima; K.Ōshima 3/1/2021 View PDF
  • The reduction number of stretched ideals
  • K.Ozeki 2/21/2021 View PDF
  • Torsion of algebraic groups and iterate extensions associated with Lubin–Tate formal groups
  • Y.Ozeki 6/30/2021 View PDF
  • Factors of E-operators with an η-apparent singularity at zero
  • T.Rivoal 9/29/2020 View PDF
  • On the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on compact surfaces of genus three
  • A.Ros 10/27/2020 View PDF
  • Moduli of Gorenstein \mathbb{Q}-homology projective planes
  • M.Schütt 5/16/2021 View PDF
  • On global existence for semilinear wave equations with space-dependent critical damping
  • M.Sobajima 7/21/2021 View PDF
  • Bogomolov's inequality for product type varieties in positive characteristic
  • H.M.Sun 7/14/2021 View PDF
  • Asymptotic existence theorem for formal solutions with singularities of nonlinear partial differential equations via multisummability
  • H.Tahara 10/19/2021 View PDF
  • Operad structures in geometric quantization of the moduli space of spatial polygons
  • Y.Takahashi 12/6/2021 View PDF
  • A Cartan decomposition for Gelfand pairs and induction of spherical functions
  • Y.Tanaka 9/14/2020 View PDF
  • Complete 3-dimensional λ-translators in the Minkowski space \mathbb{R}41
  • Z.Li; G.Wei 5/21/2020 View PDF
  • The Lp-boundedness of wave operators for two dimensional Schrödinger operators with threshold singularities
  • K.Yajima 8/19/2020 View PDF
  • An extension of the VMO-H1 duality
  • S.Yamaguchi 3/15/2021 View PDF
  • Robustness of exponential attractors for infinite dimensional dynamical systems with small delay and application to 2D nonlocal diffusion delay lattice systems
  • L.Yang; Y.Wang; P.E.Kloeden 11/18/2021 View PDF

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