The Career of Kiyosi Itô


The Career of Kiyosi Itô


1915 Born in Mie Prefecture (September 7)
1938 Graduation from The Imperial University of Tokyo
1939-1943 Statistical Officer, Statistics Bureau of the Cabinet Secretariat
1943-1952 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, The Nagoya Imperial University
1945 Doctor of Science, The Imperial University of Tokyo
1952-1979 Professor, Kyoto University
1954-1956 Fulbright Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1961-1964 Professor, Stanford University
1966-1969 Professor, Aarhus University
1969-1975 Professor, Cornell University
1976-1979 Director, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
1979-1985 Professor, Gakushuin University
1979-2008 Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
2008 Passed away (November 10)


1977 The Asahi Prize, Japan
1978 The Imperial Prize and The Japan Academy Prize
1985 The Fujiwara Prize, Japan
1987 Orders of the Sacred Treasure, Japan and The Wolf Prize, Israel
1998 The Kyoto Prize
2003 Cultural Merit Prize, Japan
2006 Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize for Applications of Mathematics
2008 Order of Culture, Japan