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Bulletin on Copyright Transfer
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Bulletin on Copyright Transfer--Abstracts for Plenary and Organized Talks

The Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) would like to request authors to transfer their copyrights in the articles below to MSJ in order to meet the demand for electronic access to mathematical literature.

The copyright includes the right of reproduction and the right of public transmission. We would like the authors to agree to the following three items:

  1. MSJ has the right to reproduce and publicly transmit relevant articles for academic purposes.
  2. MSJ has the right to authorize a third party to exercise the right described in item no. 1.
  3. In the event that MSJ earns profits from exercising the rights described in item no. 1 and 2, MSJ will use it to cover MSJ operating expenses.

Regarding the copyright transfer, we will send a letter with a copyright transfer form to each author who is not a member of MSJ, requesting to transfer the copyright to MSJ. Your prompt, signed reply will be highly appreciated.

As for articles by members of MSJ, we understand that the copyright will automatically be transferred from the authors to MSJ unless objections are made after this official announcement on the copyright transfer has been delivered or put on our Web site.

If you have questions or objections about copyright transfer, let us know no later than February 28th, 2010, by sending a postal mail to the MSJ office or an e-mail to the address below.

We hope all authors concerned take notice of this information before the due date. In case some of the authors do not become aware of the announcement before Feabruary 28th, 2010 for some reason, we are open for receiving questions or objections even after the due date.

If no objections have reached us by February 28th, we would deem our request accepted and proceed with publishing articles on the Web.