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September 12-16 (First half of the period)

Topics: Dissipative system, Variational method, Pattern formations, Dynamical system, Viscosity solution

September 18-21 (Second half of the period)

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Dispersive system, Wave equation

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Plenary Lectures

12(Mon) 10:00--12:00, 13(Tue) 10:00--12:00
Hiroshi Matano (University of Tokyo)
Front propagation in spatially heterogeneous media
14(Wed) 10:00--12:00
Nicola Fusco (University of Napoli)
A second variation approach to free discontinuity variational problems
15(Thu) 10:00--12:00, 16(Fri) 10:00--12:00
Robert L. Pego (Carnegie Mellon University)
Nonlinear dynamics of aggregation and waves
18(Sun) 10:00--12:00, 19(Mon) 10:00--12:00
Eduard Feireisl (Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences)
Asymptotic analysis of compressible viscous fluids
20(Tue) 10:00--12:00, 21(Wed) 15:00--17:00
Jaime E. Muñoz Rivera (National Laboratory for Scientific Computation)
Stability result to dissipative semigroups and applications

Invited Talks

12(Mon) 13:30--14:30
Kazuhiro Ishige (Tohoku University)
$L^p$ norms of nonnegative Schrodinger heat semigroup and the large time behavior of hot spots
Takao Ohta (Kyoto University)
Self-propelled dynamics of deformable domain in excitable reaction diffusion systems
13(Tue) 13:30--14:30
Angela Stevens (University of Münster)
Mathematical Models of Cellular Aggregation due to Local Interaction
Chao-Nien Chen (National Changhua University of Education)
Some recent progress on standing waves in FitzHugh-Nagumo type reaction-diffusion systems
14(Wed) 13:30--14:30
Keith Promislow (Michigan State University)
Geometric Evolution of Structured Interfaces
Alessio Figalli (The University of Texas at Austin)
Regularity for the parabolic obstacle problem with fractional Laplacian
15(Thu) 13:30--14:30
Shigeaki Koike (Saitama University)
On the ABP maximum principle for $L^p$-viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear PDE
Juncheng Wei (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Traveling waves with multiple and non-convex fronts for a bistable semilinear parabolic equation
18(Sun) 13:30--14:30
Song Jiang (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics)
Existence of weak solutions to the three-dimensional steady compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Ryo Ikehata (Hiroshima University)
Energy decay for wave equations with damping terms decaying critically near infinity
19(Mon) 13:30--14:30
Taku Yanagisawa (Nara Women's University)
Applications of Hodge decomposition to mathematical fluid dynamics
Nakao Hayashi (Osaka University)
Bilinear Estimates and Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations
20(Tue) 13:30--14:30
Shinya Nishibata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Mathematical analysis on semiconductor equations: model hierarchy and asymptotic behavior
Kenji Nishihara (Waseda University)
Diffusion phenomenon of solutions to the Cauchy problem for the damped wave equation
21(Wed) 10:00--11:00
Tong Yang (City University of Hong Kong)
Well-posedness and qualitative properties for Boltzmann equation without angular cutoff
Kenji Nakanishi (Kyoto University)
Global dynamics above the ground state energy for nonlinear dispersive equations
21(Wed) 11:00--12:00
Tatsuo Iguchi (Keio University)
Shallow water approximations for water waves over a moving bottom
Jun-ichi Segata (Tohoku University)
Long time behavior of solutions to non-linear Schrodinger equations with higher order dispersion

Organized Sessions

(A) Diffusion phenomena and the related topics for maximum points and singularities
12 (Mon)
15:00--15:40 Yasuhito Miyamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Stable patterns and solutions with Morse index one
15:50--16:30 Futoshi Takahashi (Osaka City University)
Blow up points and the Morse indices of solutions to the Liouville equation in two-dimension
16:40--17:20 Shigeru Sakaguchi (Hiroshima University)
Stationary level surfaces and Liouville-type theorems

(B) Variational problems and related topics
12 (Mon)
15:00--15:30 Nicola Gigli (University of Nice)
Optimal transport maps on spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from below
15:35--16:05 Goro Akagi (Kobe University)
Stability analysis of asymptotic profiles of solutions for fast diffusion equations
16:20--16:50 Shinya Okabe (Tohoku University)
The gradient flow for the modified one-dimensional Willmore functional defined on planar curves with infinite length
16:55--17:25 Hidemitsu Wadade (Waseda University)
On the existence of a positive solution for the elliptic equation involving the multiple Hardy-Sobolev critical terms on the boundary
17:30--18:00 Michinori Ishiwata (Fukushima University)
The existence and the nonexistence of maximizing functions for the variational problems associated with Trudinger-Moser type inequalities in the whole domain

(C) Reaction-Diffusion equations and pattern formations
13 (Tue)
15:00--15:40 Peter van Heijster (Boston University)
Planar traveling structures in a three-component FitzHugh-Nagumo system
15:50--16:30 Ken-Ichi Nakamura (Kanazawa University)
Existence of recurrent traveling waves in a two-dimensional undulating cylinder: the virtual pinning case
16:50--17:30 Yoshihito Oshita (Okayama University)
Coarsening, stabilization and migration in micro phase separation
17:40--18:20 Kunimochi Sakamoto (Hiroshima University)
Pattern Formation Caused by Boundary Interactions in a System of Diffusion Equations

(D) Dynamical systems of differential equations
13 (Tue)
15:00--15:40 Jan Bouwe van den Berg (VU University Amsterdam)
Braids in dynamics
15:50--16:30 Kazuyuki Yagasaki (Niigata University)
Analytic and algebraic conditions for bifurcations of homoclinic orbits in reversible systems
16:40--17:20 Mitsuru Shibayama (Osaka University)
Variational approach to the $n$-body problem

(E) Viscosity solution, theory and application
15 (Thu)
15:00--15:50 Andrea Davini (University of Roma "La Sapienza")
Weak KAM Theory topics for stationary ergodic Hamiltonians
16:10--17:00 Hiroyoshi Mitake (Hiroshima University)
Large-time Asymptotics for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with Noncoercive Hamiltonians appearing in Crystal Growth

(F) Numerical analysis for pattern formation problems
15 (Thu)
15:00--15:40 Hideki Murakawa (Kyushu University)
Numerical solution of nonlinear cross-diffusion systems by a linear scheme
15:40--16:20 Norikazu Saito (University of Tokyo)
$L^1$ analysis of the finite volume method for degenerate diffusion problems
16:20--17:00 Shigetoshi Yazaki (University of Miyazaki)
Moving boundaries with a curvature adjusted tangential velocity

(G) Topics on dispersive equations : Part I
18 (Sun)
15:00--16:00 Shu-Ming Sun (Virginia Tech)
Existence and stability of capillary-gravity water waves
16:10--17:10 Scipio Cuccagna (University of Trieste)
The Hamiltonian structure of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation and the asymptotic stability of its ground states
17:20--18:00 Satoshi Masaki (Gakushuin University)
On nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a growing nonlocal interaction

(H) Nonlinear wave equations
18 (Sun)
15:00--15:30 Borislav Yordanov (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)
On the asymptotic behavior of strongly damped wave equations
15:35--16:05 Yoshihiro Ueda (Kobe University)
Large time behavior of solutions to symmetric hyperbolic systems with non-symmetric relaxation
16:10--16:40 Makoto Nakamura (Tohoku University)
On the solutions for nonlinear wave equations with localized dissipations in exterior domains
16:55--17:25 Jens Wirth (University of Stuttgart)
On the large-time asymptotic behaviour for some wave models
17:30--18:00 Hideaki Sunagawa (Osaka University)
On quadratic nonlinear Klein-Gordon systems in two space dimensions
18:05--18:35 Hideo Kubo (Tohoku University)
On the exterior problem for nonlinear wave equations

(I) Topics on dispersive equations : Part II
19 (Mon)
15:00--16:00 Tomoyuki Kakehi (Okayama University)
Fundamental solution to the Schrodinger equation on certain compact symmetric spaces
16:10--17:10 Mitsuru Sugimoto (Nagoya University)
A vector fields approach to smoothing and decaying estimates for equations in anisotropic media
17:20--18:00 Kenichi Ito (University of Tsukuba)
Spectral and scattering theory on manifolds with ends

(J) Equations in fluid dynamics
19 (Mon)
15:00--15:30 Jae Ryong Kweon (POSTECH)
Existence and regularity of compressible Navier-Stokes equations on bounded domains with corners
15:35--16:05 Senjo Shimizu (Shizuoka University)
Loss of control of motions from initial data for pending capillary liquid
16:10--16:40 Yasushi Taniuchi (Shinshu University)
Uniqueness of almost periodic-in-time solutions to Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains
16:55--17:25 Shu Wang (Beijing University of Technology)
Asymptotic limits of compressible Euler-Maxwell equations for plasmas
17:30--18:00 Renjun Duan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Dissipative structure of the coupled kinetic-fluid models
18:05--18:35 Yasunori Maekawa (Kobe University)
On spectral property of the linearization at self-similar solutions for parabolic systems modeling chemotaxis

Contributed Talks

Session (A)
14 (Wed)
15:00--15:15 Thomas Bellsky (Arizona State University)
Adiabatic Stability for a Generalized Reaction-Diffusion System
15:15--15:30 Yukio Kan-on (Ehime University)
On the bifurcation structure of radially symmetric positive stationary solutions for a competition-diffusion system
15:30--15:45 Harunori Monobe (Tohoku University)
Behavior of solutions for a free boundary problem describing amoeba motion
15:45--16:00 Kei Nishi (Hokkaido University)
Behaviors of a front-back pulse in some bistable reaction-diffusion system with heterogeneity
16:15--16:30 Takashi Okuda (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Dynamics of a reaction-diffusion system around a triply degenerate point
16:30--16:45 Masakazu Yamamoto (Tohoku University)
Large-time behavior of solutions to the drift-diffusion equation
16:45--17:00 Masaki Kurokiba (Muroran Institute of Technology)
On a eliptic-parabolic system describing chemotactic aggregation of two particle in ${R}^2$
17:00--17:15 Yukihiro Seki (Instituto de Ciencias Matem\'{a}ticas)
On blow-up of solutions of the 2D Keller--Segel system
17:30--17:45 Yohei Fujishima (Tohoku University)
Blow-up set for a semilinear heat equation with exponential nonlinearity
17:45--18:00 Yuki Naito (Ehime University)
Blow-up criteria and self-similarity for semilinear heat equations

Session (B)
14 (Wed)
15:00--15:15 Yoshihiro Sawano (Kyoto University)
Besov--Morrey spaces and Triebel--Lizorkin--Morrey spaces on domains
15:15--15:30 Soonsik Kwon (KAIST)
Poincare--Dulac normal form reduction for unconditional well-posedness of the periodic cubic NLS
15:30--15:45 Daniele Garrisi (POSTECH)
Orbitally stable coupled standing waves for a coupled non-linear Klein--Gordon equation
15:45--16:00 Weiwei Ao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Finite-energy sign-changing solutions without symmetry for the stationary nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation
16:15--16:30 Jan Brezina (Kyushu University)
On the stability of time-periodic parallel flows to the compressible Navier--Stokes equations
16:30--16:45 Priyanjana M.N. Dharmawardane (Kyushu University)
Decay estimates of solutions for nonlinear viscoelastic systems
16:45--17:00 Ting-Hui Yang (Tamkang University)
Traveling Wave Solutions for Time-Delayed Lattice Reaction-Diffusion Systems
17:00--17:15 Masaya Maeda (Tohoku University)
Construction of blow up solutions for Zakharov system on $\mathbb{T}^2$
17:15--17:30 Octavio Paulo Vera Villagran (Universidad del Bio-Bio)
Stabilization in porous thermoviscoelastic mixture

Session (C)
15 (Thu)
17:30--17:45 Yan-Hsiou Cheng (National Tsing Hua University)
The Tikhonov regularization method on inverse nodal problems
17:45--18:00 Toru Kan (Tohoku University)
Imperfect bifurcation for the Liouville--Gel'fand equation on a perturbed annulus
18:00--18:15 Wulin Weng (Kyushu University)
Limit cycle and the walking model

Session (D)
15 (Thu)
17:30--17:45 Elliott Ginder (Kanazawa University)
On a variational method for multiphase volume-constrained mean curvature flow
17:45--18:00 Kazushige Nakagawa (Tohoku University)
On the Phragmen--Lindelof theorem for $L^p$-viscosity solutions
18:00--18:15 Masashi Ohnawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Asymptotic stability of boundary layers to the Euler--Poisson equation arising in plasma physics

Session (E)
20 (Tue)
15:00--15:15 Takayuki Kubo (University of Tsukuba)
Weighted estimate of Stokes semigroup in unbounded domains
15:15--15:30 Yasunori Maekawa (Kobe University)
On vorticity concentration at the zero viscosity limit for the Navier--Stokes flows in the half plane
15:30--15:45 Naoto Nakano (Hokkaido University)
On a steady solution and its linear stability of simple shear flows of a continuum model with density gradient-dependent stress
15:45--16:00 Takahiro Okabe (Tohoku University)
Lower bound of $L^2$ decay of the Navier--Stokes flow in the half space $R^n_+$
16:15--16:30 Ondrej Kreml (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
Steady compressible Navier--Stokes--Fourier system with radiation
16:30--16:45 Fucai Li (Nanjing University)
The low Mach number limit of compressible MHD equations
16:45--17:00 Morimichi Umehara (Ibaraki University)
Global existence of the spherically symmetric flow of a self-gravitating viscous gas
17:00--17:15 Natsumi Yoshida (Osaka University)
Asymptotics toward a multi-wave pattern for solutions of scalar viscous conservation law with partially linearly-degenerate flux
17:30--17:45 Sungeun Jung (Seoul National University)
Fast-slow dynamics of planar particle models for flocking and swarming
17:45--18:00 I-Kun Chen (Academia Sinica)
Boundary singularity for thermal transpiration problem of the linearized Boltzmann equation

Session (F)
20 (Tue)
15:00--15:15 Shingo Ito (Tokyo University of Science)
Wave front set defined by wave packet transform and its application
15:15--15:30 Haruya Mizutani (Kyoto University)
Strichartz estimates for Schroedinger equations with variable coefficients and unbounded potentials
15:30--15:45 Hiroaki Kikuchi (Tokyo Denki University)
Scattering and blowup problems for a class of nonlinear Schrodinger equations
15:45--16:00 Chunhua Li (Osaka University)
Decay estimates of solutions for a system of nonlinear Schrodinger equations in 2D
16:15--16:30 Masashi Aiki (Keio University)
Motion of a Vortex Filament with Axial Flow in the Half Space
16:30--16:45 Takamori Kato (Kyoto University)
Well-posedness for the higher order KdV equation
16:45--17:00 Mamoru Okamoto (Kyoto University)
Well-posedness of the Maxwell--Dirac system in 1+1 space time dimensions
17:00--17:15 Makoto Narita (Okinawa National College of Technology)
On spherically symmetric gravitational collapse in the Einstein--Gauss--Bonnet theory
17:30--17:45 Hiroyuki Takamura (Future University Hakodate)
The final problem on the optimality of the general theory for nonlinear wave equations
17:45--18:00 Kyouhei Wakasa (Future University Hakodate)
Sharp blow-up for semilinear wave equations with non-compactly supported data

Session (G)
21 (Wed)
13:30--13:45 Tsukasa Iwabuchi (Tohoku University)
Global and almost global solutions for some nonlinear parabolic equations in Besov spaces and Triebel--Lizorkin spaces
13:45--14:00 Ryo Takada (Tohoku University)
Propagation of real analyticity for the solution to the Euler equations in the Besov space
14:00--14:15 Yutaka Terasawa (The University of Tokyo)
On Haussdorff dimension of blow-up times relavant to weak solutions of generalized Navier--Stokes Fluids

Session (H)
21 (Wed)
13:30--13:45 Masakazu Kato (Muoran Institute of Technology)
Sharp asymptotics for the damped wave equation with a nonlinear convection term
13:45--14:00 Jiayun Lin (Zhejiang University)
Critical exponent for the semilinear wave equation with time-dependent damping
14:00--14:15 Shuji Yoshikawa (Ehime University)
Asymptotic Profiles for the Falk--Konopka Elastic System with Weak Damping

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