The 1st MSJ-SI

The Mathematical Society of Japan, Seasonal Institute

Probabilistic Approach to Geometry
This program is partially supported by International Scientific Meetings in Japan, JSPS.

Social activities (Excursion and Banquets)

Excursion (3,000JPY)
August 2nd (Sat.) 13:30--17:30.
A bus tour to two famous temples (Kinkakuji and Ryouanji) in the west part of Kyoto City.
Kinkakuji is famous for its Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku), a pagoda made to house the sacred relics of the Buddha. The temple was designated as a UNESCOW World Heritage Site in 1994.
Ryouanji was founded in 1450, and it is well-known for its stone garden.

Banquet 1 (6,000JPY)
July 30th (Wed.) 18:30--20:30.
Place: Kyodai-Kaikan
A buffet-style party

Banquet 2 (6,000JPY)
August 6th (Wed.) 19:00--21:00.
Place: Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen
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A Japanese restaurant